GT-R Magazine (Magazine) Vol.140 ('18)


GT-R was born to win the race. This is a mission that has been inherited from the first generation Hakosuka (PGC 10). Four GT-Rs each participated in the GT 500 / GT 300 class of "Super GT" which is the domestic best touring car race this year. The battlefield of the battle that ceased to recapture the champion in both categories is about to be cut now. Eight people can grasp the steering of the GT 500 machine, which is its top category, in particular. The special feature is selected and interviewed by three drivers who are key people of this season for this magazine among the drivers. In the midst of the opening game, I touch each of their thoughts on GT-R. Also, pay attention to new systems such as newly introduced machines, supervisors, and teams. There is no doubt that this year's Super GT will be more familiar if you read. The opening race is Okayama International Circuit on 7th and 8th April. I'd like you to visit the circuit for the support of the fighting GT-R this season.

【Other contents】
● The trump card of the electrical system finally appeared "NISMO Heritage Parts Continuation Report ②"
● West Japan tuning R trend released "Osaka Auto Messe 2018"
● New series! It approaches the breast of the ultimate piercing owner. "Passion R life"
Japan's first brake system & the charm and ability of the latest car navigation system released to the public