D. Speed Racing Brake Pads

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G1 brake pads are design for sport driving and street use.
G2 pads are Design for drifting and sport application
G3 pads are design for full circuit racing application

G1 pad:
Control performance

The best feature is high toe control performance during braking.
The braking force can be freely set just by stepping on the foot. We have set the control width of domestic brake pad manufacturer about twice. It is not amusing to say the most.

This is a common seasoning on the brake pad for racing. You can swing the vehicle freely by braking, weighted movement with just the pedal effort at the time of braking.
Also, if you replace the brake pad with an after-sale item with ABS, you will see a vehicle that ABS works quickly and runs difficult. Because the control width of the G1 brake pad is wide, stop the vehicle before applying the ABS.

Fade resistance

Rotor proper temperature is set to 40 ℃ ~ 450 ℃ If there is no problem in town, there is no problem, but it is not suitable for the circuit under the pass. Generally, when the temperature range of the brake pad is higher, the lower tendency does not work. There is no brake that works all over. The upper or lower temperature range is set.
For hard driving please use G2 or higher.

Friction resistance & squeak

The resin amount of the polishing material of the brake pad is 10% or less, the press at the time of molding is 12 ~ 13 tons. This reduced pad reduction and increased lifecycle. Crying is seen in the semi meta system, there is no sense of gorilli, there is almost no squeaking of high frequencies at the time of breaking, and it is most suitable for town riding.

G2 Pad

Fade resistance, set temperature range from 80 degrees to 650 degrees. Correspond to circuit running and pass.

Using carbon and metal as the main ingredient, newly developed base material, less squeal, realizing stable stopping throughout the whole area.
The test course does not show the fade phenomenon even if running three times at the descent of the 4 km point from Hakone Turnpike 8 km.
It is a downward linear speed, a braking test from 200 km / h.
Recovery performance is high

The most important feature is the ability to significantly improve the recovery performance of brake PAD. Recovery means that even if the brake pad that reached the fade temperature range becomes faded, if you do a little cooling, it returns to the original performance. Once a pad with poor recovery is faded, the original performance of the pad will be drastically reduced, even though the pad's remaining amount is destroyed.
Non-dirt, non-smudge

Brake pads of low steel type and semi-metallic type are effective, but very dirty wheels.

There is no problem if it gets dirty, but fine metal will not stick into the caliper or the wheel. G2 suppresses metal fee and makes brake work.
Because it is non-asbestos material, it makes sound less likely to come out

G3 Pad

G3 can be used from race endurance of grass race, super hard course for brakes such as Ebisu East Course, Twin Link Motegi, N1 and other races.
The operating temperature range is 300 degrees to 800 degrees. We developed it only with stable stopping and control performance at high temperature.
The friction resistance is also long life, the material is made of semi-metal. Carbon & Metal Use S It is assumed to be used in tires.
G2 There is a wider range of control than metal H material, professional setting.
※ You can combine street riding, but because the temperature is low, we will reduce the rotor.
Aluminum pins are inserted.
G3 does not have a wister (bracket notifying pad reduction).
Separately, Wistar (metal fittings to let you know the reduction of pads) is additionally added at 1,500 yen (tax not included).
※ All G3 metals are filled with aluminum pin.
※ Copper pins are ordered with 1000 yen (excluding tax) UP. Surface pressure increases but we attack the rotor.
※ The guide is a polishing material, remaining 5 mm.